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Hello, I’m Camilla, founder of Perkier Naturally. Thank you for exploring the pages of my website - I’m so pleased you’re here and I hope you like what you see! 

Perkier Naturally was created with all things cheery, natural and sustainable in mind.

Growing up, and throughout my school and university years too, my nickname was Perkie - It stuck and I rather like it! My background has been in luxury travel, a career I enjoyed for many years. Eventually, I realised that stress and anxiety was getting the better of me, which finally gave me the motivation I needed to switch things up a bit and do something creative. One thing I’ve learnt from my experience, and I like to remind anyone who needs it, is that self care is not selfish; Health and happiness is everything!

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So, I turned to the strong stuff… Essential oils! I found that blending certain combinations has the most wonderful calming and mood-boosting effects. In particular, the blend that now forms the beautiful and uplifting scent of our Perkier Signature soap - grapefruit and neroli, and then there’s a comforting hint of warming vanilla. It’s a lovely buttery soap, a soft apricot orange in colour (a happy, sunny tone!), with a green mica line running through it, reminding us that the Earth is at the core. I think you’ll love it - A nourishing soap bar that can’t help but make you feel perkier.

You will see that much of my inspiration, when it comes to the designs and fragrances of my soaps, comes from my travels, landscapes and nature. I love incorporating interesting botanicals into my recipes and making the most of their natural colours and properties. I am passionate about the artisanal, handmade process of traditional cold process soap making - creating a product that is pure, natural and simple in its ingredients, but artistic, creative and intricate in its design.

Our two main goals here at Perkier Naturally? Protecting the environment and spreading joy whilst we do it! Over the years, I’ve become increasing interested in what I was putting on my skin and try to live as sustainably as possible, taking conscious steps to reduce plastic and unnecessary waste in my life. This environmental driver, along with my true love for gifting (It’s a thing! I get real pleasure from sourcing interesting presents from small businesses for birthdays, care packages in the post… You name it!), it made sense for me to create a brand which, not only looks after our planet, but also makes every bath, hand wash or shower a delight by sending soaps by post!

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